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This site, on the occasion various offer of legal services, we have entrusted to us your personal information.
This website is based on the “Privacy Policy” which will be posted on the following, we will handle safely and to protect the important personal information of our customers.
Definition 1. Personal InformationThe “Personal Information”, and an information about the individual to survive, name included in the information, which can be used to identify a specific individual by date of birth and other descriptions, etc., and easy reference to other information can be, thereby refers to those that would be able to identify a specific individual.2. Collection of Personal InformationThis shop purchase of goods in, there will be collected your personal information when that is an inquiry.

In carrying collects on top of the stated purpose of use, it depends on the lawful and fair means.

Personal information to be collected in our store is as follows.

a) your name, phonetic

b) your address

c) Contact phone number

d) e-mail address

e) password

f) shipping information

g) dealings history and its contents with our store

specific individual information can be identified by combining h) the

# All items to be used in the shop, please fill out

3. Use of Personal Information

Purpose of use of personal information you have entrusted to us by our customers in our store is as follows.

a) confirmation of your order, inquiry

b) commodity shipping confirmation, inquiry

c) Contact Us reply when

In our shop, do not do that to disclose or provide your personal information to your otherwise noted without third party, except for the following cases.

a) If you are based on the laws and regulations, and if the country of organization or person who has received the local government or the commission is required to cooperate with that to perform the office prescribed by the laws and regulations

b) human life, even when it is necessary for the protection of health or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person

If you want to exchange personal data in the company affiliates of which operates c) this shop

# According to the shop like you are using, in detail please specify

# In addition, sales of personal information will be prohibited.

4. safety management of personal information

Safety management of the personal information entrusted to us than our customers is reasonable by the service provider, organizational, physical, human, in addition to taking appropriate technical measures, individual by performing the appropriate handling that conforms to the relevant laws and regulations in our store illegal entry into the data, loss of personal information, falsification, and strive to prevent danger of leakage, etc..

5. Correction of personal information, delete

Correction and deletion of personal information that is entrusted to us by our customers, please inform me from contact below.

In addition, if it is user registration, you can correct the personal information from the menu “My Account” on this site.

For use of 6.cookie (cookies)

Company, to provide customers with good service, but may use the cookie (cookie), thereby not to perform the collection of personally identifiable information, there is no prejudice to the customer privacy.

Also, if the cookie you do not wish to accept the (cookies), you can change in your browser settings.

※ The cookie (cookies), is sent from the server computer to your browser, it is the information that the customer is stored in the hard disk of the computer you are using.

For use of 7.SSL

On input of personal information, ensure the security, these information is intercepted, we use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology for the purpose of preventing to be interference or tampering.

※ SSL is to be to encrypt the information, is the ability to prevent falsification received eavesdropping prevention and data. It becomes possible to transmit more information securely by utilizing the SSL.

8. Contact

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Change of 9. Privacy Policy

In our shop, change of personal information to be collected, when you make a change of change, or other privacy policy of purpose, it will be considered as published concluded changes to this page.